Figure Drawings

Even for landscape, still-life, and wildlife painters, drawing the human figure remains a basic exercise.  It is like playing scales for a pianist.

For the most part, I draw on acid-free paper, which I prepare myself with a gelatin size–basically weak furniture glue–for strength and texture.  Often, I tint the size: sometimes with clay; other times with traditional gesso.  In addition to durability, the size gives the paper character.  I’ve included the edge of the paper in photographs where I thought it helpful.

Most drawings are in vine charcoal or chalk in the traditional colors of black and red.  Once in a while, I’ll heighten with white chalk.  Most sheets are between 8 x 12″ and 16 x 22.” If buy a drawing from me, I’ll include a description with dimensions, media, etc.

You may purchase any of the sheets below by clicking here.  If you want something you don’t see, ask. I can offer most permutations of male or female, front, back or side, colored paper or white, etc. The same goes for specific poses or props. Since I draw from life twice a week, I can arrange to draw a pose you request with a small retainer.

Firgure drawings make excellent gifts for doctors, dancers, athletes, coaches, physical therapists, and many other people.











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