Ink Drawings and Watercolors

View recent drawings and watercolors here along with descriptions, dimensions and narrative.  Click on the image for a larger view, and contact the artist for pricing and shipping information.

Near Smalls X Roads

Near Smalls X Roads. Quill and walnut wash.

Near Smalls X Rds. Detall.

Near Smalls X Rds. Detail.


River Dstrict, AshevillePen and walnut wash.  SOLD.


Elliott Barn and Stable. (Detail) Walnut ink, reed, quill and metal pens on hand-prepared paper.  12.5 x 22” The structures have become as naturalized as the Japanese knotweed, Amur privet and chicory settle the foreground.


Barn 3

Barn 3

The Barn.  Reed pen and walnut ink on hide-glue-sized poke.  12 x 9.” 

Bunch's Garage. China ink. 3 x 6

Bunch’s Garage.  Reed pen and China ink 4 x 9.”   This scene from Edenton NC is the germ of larger composition.  For an upcoming show, I’d like to exhibit an 18 x 36″ rendered drawing of this building and an oil painting of similar format.  I’ll post my progress.

Study of Bunch's Garage

Bunch’s Garage, study. Walnut ink.

Bunch’s Garage 2. Vulture quill and steel pens, walnut ink and wash.  8 x 10.”  I like using wash with a pen rather than a brush when I want to explore texture.  The contrast between the vertical textural elements of the shop with the circular elements of the mature oak trees makes for a happy tension.  The rutile clay I prepared my paper with lends atmosphere.

Bunch's Garage

Bunch’s Garage: large study. Walnut ink. 24 x 36″

Bunch’s Garage 3.  The same subject in walnut ink, only this time done with large Chnese calligraphy brushes. This time, I focused not on surfaces, but tones.  Later, I kept most of this compostion, got rid of some sky and emphasized color in the intended oil painting, Green Harmony.