I am proud to offer classically based art instruction in Asheville’s River Arts District on a regular basis.

If you study with me, you will get exposure to historically valid materials, recipes and techniques that will help you discover your own style.  I teach out my studio at 191 Lyman Street in Riverview Station, Studio #249.  When possible, we paint outside, as seen below.

handmade pens and inks

I teach you to make these because good art sits on a foundation of good craft.

First, I give you the basics, such as using dry media, the secret life of dirt and weeds, what cave men and Rembrandt knew that you don’t, and perspective.

Then, we move onto intermediate matters like needles and haystacks, when not to believe your own lying eyes, making inks, pens, arcana from mad scientists, and venturing out of the studio.

From there, more advanced topics include a million features of oil paint, pictorial composition, why art cannot become a profession, how to bestride entire cultures in a responsible way, and the character traits of artists.

Individual lessons are $25 per hour; groups of two or more are $12.50.  I am available most days, I do after school instruction, and I enjoy teaching adults.

I have taught all ages from primary-schoolers to pensioners, and nothing pleases me more than watching people grow in understanding and skill.

The two pictures above were done during a lesson on the banks of the French Broad River in Asheville, about three minutes from my studio.