Places in-between 2: Coggins Farm

It’s often fun to take more than one medium in the field.

Oak at The Coggins Farm

Oak at The Coggins Farm

Another stint at The Coggins Farm allowed for three more layers of paint to the painting begun in my last post.  Oil on paper is the stuff.

It also allowed for a pastel sketch, below.  For this sketch, I chose a cold-pressed watercolor paper sized it with hide glue to which I added fine rutile clay.  It feels good to build with different media onto a scaffold of a few basic natural materials.  From the Middle Ages to Manet (as good a pastellist as the more famous Degas), most artists could look under the hood of most art and discern an accurate parts list.

Pastel sketch

Pastel sketch

Here’s hoping that pastel, etching, and the other oft-overlooked fine arts get outdoors ahead of bulldozers.  It is often the artist’s function to provide a sustained reflection on fleeting things.

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