Easels in the Gardens, April 15-16

It’s time for Easels in the Gardens, the biennial benefit for the Cupola House Association of Edenton, NC.

Both the town of Edenton and the event have enjoyed a stream of good press in the last decade, including Forbes Magazine, Smithsonian, Coastal Living and Our State, which aside from this mention, has run a paid ad for the event in the April 2016 issue. The July 2015 print issue offers a wealth of photos of Edenton, too.

The town really is as beautiful as the hype. Fortunately, the strong agricultural economy, which surrounds the town has damped down any centrifugal concrete that has been the ruin of so many beautiful American places.

The Cupola House, which was rescued from neglect almost a century ago, is a monument to craftsmanship, design, and people with enough good sense and love to value such things.

The Cupola House (left) in the middle of Edenton, and Martinique Plantation(right) about ten miles north of town in Chowan County.  Both were built in the 1750’s.  The town and environs abound in 18th- and 19th-century architecture.

The event itself offers access to artists, abundant food and a band that does justice to Charlie Parker and Stan Getz.

All during a beautiful April weekend




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