The Saints of Paint


My collaborators and I are forming an association to continue our work of mounting benefit art shows for non-profits.

Together, we are the Saints of Paint: John Mac Kah, our visionary; Christine Enochs, our internet publicist; Dana Irwin, who makes us look good; and me, the chief cook and bottle-washer.

Our first show produced under this name will benefit Appalachian Wildlife Refuge and will be held in early August at Addison Farms Vineyard, a beautiful site just northwest of Asheville in Buncombe County, North Carolina. The Refuge is raising funds for a new rescue facility for the treatment and release of injured wildlife.

Details on the show to come.

We were inspired (and advised, too!) by the Oak Group, a few landscape painters in California and SCAPE, a larger group which works in the same area.  Both groups have contributed mightily to the stewardship of the landscape they paint.

Like them, we aim to continue paying bills, making culture and doing good.

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