For the love of barns

The decline of land ownership in America has left some wonderful structures across the North Carolina landscape. It was doubtful at best that the Old North State–or any other state for that matter–could long sustain the Jeffersonian dream of the small-holding yeoman farmer. One hopes their versatility will save them and inspire future builders.

Right now, I’m working on a drawing for a show to benefit the Appalachian Barn Alliance, which has taken under its wing the barns of Madison County. They have a whiz-bang set of brochures detailing the barns, which provide a good historical overview of the structure’s uses over the years. Tobacco curing, especially, is responsible for the manner of barn-building here in Western NC.

If you’d like to see these barns in the flesh, do so soon, before the spring foliage will obscure many of them from view. And take a sweetheart to share the driving. In some places with narrow roads, it’s not always safe to drive and gawk.

Barns or no, you’ll get to see what pastures and fields looked like before the rise of industrial agriculture swept North Carolina and many other places. Landscape on a human scale, defended only by it remoteness.

Show details, and more to follow; do turn out:

Friday, June 21 from 5pm to 8pm: The inaugural “A Pastoral Palette: The Barn Whispers its Memories” Gala Art Show Benefit with food & drink as you mingle with the artists. A partnership with The Saints of Paint artists. Details and reservations, click here.Questions? Email or call Sandy at 828 380-9146. Art show continues on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Long gone

Long Gone. 18 x 24″

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