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Gallery news

The Chowan Arts Center represents my work in Northeastern North Carolina:

The CAC sits at the end of S. Broad St. in Edenton, where nature meets eighteenth-century town planning.  Few places in the South so handsomely reward a visit.   

The Barker-Moore House

The Barker-Moore House from the Chowan County website. Excerpted from Edenton, An Architectural Portrait, by Thomas R. Butchko, © 1992 by the Edenton Woman’s Club and Chowan County Government, Edenton, NC).

Get acquainted with the town here:

I spent the happiest parts of my childhood in Chowan County, and I feel honored to paint the place and sell paintings there.  I will have a solo show in December at the CAC; more information on that in the next few weeks.

Figure drawings page

This site now includes a selection figure drawings.  Browse it on the page so named.

For a visual artist, drawing the figure is like playing scales for a musician: essential.  For anyone with eyes, figure drawings remind us of what we are.  We are not souls in bodies.  We are souls and bodies. 


Witness the fellow above.  He doesn’t just inhabit three-dimensional reality; he is three-dimensional reality.  To enjoy art is to participate in this truth.